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Welcome to Wild and Unstructured Learning

Welcome to Wild and Unstructured Learning LLC. Our mission is to provide students with a place to take classes online that will fit them regardless of their learning style.


Our educators work with each child to ensure they are learning to their greatest potential. Each child will learn differently. Each child will act differently, and each child will need a different level of support.


Here at Wild and Unstructured Learning, we will teach according to the needs of your child. We teach in a fun and engaging way and our educators are all willing to step outside the box to ensure your child is comfortable. Your child will be 100% involved in each and every class they take with our team.


Learning should be fun and children should be excited to learn. We will make sure your child has a blast and can learn and meet all expectations for grade level. We are not common core based. We will teach a few different ways. We do not focus on breaking every problem down to its smallest form- instead we work on making each and every phase of learning its very easiest and most fun for the children. We encourage and appreciate open discussion with parents. If you child has any type of learning disabilities or something we need to do differently we ask that you communicate this to us. Thank you for trusting our team! We cannot wait to meet your child in class!

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