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Our mission here is to provide a place where students can take classes and love learning no matter their learning style.  Our educators work with each child to ensure they are learning to their greatest potential.

Each child learns differently, will act differently and will need a different level of support.  At Wild and Unstructured Learning we strive to cater to them all.  We will teach according to your child and how they learn best.  We are all fun and engaging and we are all willing to step outside the box to cater to every learner. 


We will ensure your child is comfortable and that they are 100% involved in their education.  Our classes are not the typical sit down and “be quiet” classes.  Class discussion will be had in every class and we will involve each and every child in class activities. We are a hands-on, project based curriculum.  Learning should be fun and children should be excited to learn new things.  Our team will help solidify that love for learning.  Thank you for trusting us to bring a love of new things to your children!


We are a group of online teachers who have a passion for each child reaching their potential! We meet every child where they are and help them develop confidence and have fun along the way!

Tiara Smith


Lisa Dunn


Jessica Ortiz


Kristen Vale da Serra

Operations Manager

Molly Thomas


Lianne Brunt


Andrea Snow


Diane Sullivan


Astrid Turner


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