Current Classes

Private Tutoring

We currently offer private tutoring for 2nd through 8th grade in any subject!

Having fun with English Language Arts and Writing

In this ongoing course learners will play games and solve problems to learn different parts of speech, writing prompts, and interpret different forms of writing . All English is made fun in this class with games and hands on activities.

Life Skills or Social Skills

In this ongoing course, students will learn all about life skills while making friends. We will cover responsibility, values, finances, social skills and many other skills.

Our current class list

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Let's talk about responsibility!

In this one time class students will learn what responsibility means and how they can be more responsible. Come learn life skills with Wild and Unstructured Learning.

I am confident: Daily affirmations

In this ongoing course, students will learn positive affirmations to help build self confidence and self esteem.

POD class: Preparing for 4th grade math (Summer 2022)

Prepare for 4th Grade Math by reviewing major 3rd Grade Math concepts with Wild and Unstructured Learning in this fun and engaging Summer 2022 Pod class!