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Adult Gardening Class

16 week interactive course


Exclusive tips and tricks


Garden care and planning


Weekly videos


Share your garden progress with others!


Starting April 24th!

What we will cover:


Week 1- Getting the soil ready. You will get videos of how I prepare my garden space for planting.


Week 2- Planting potatoes. Potatoes generally can get planted earlier due to their tolerance of cold weather. I will send videos of planting and correcting rows to plant my potatoes.


Weeks 3 and 4 - Preparing more soil. Forming rows. Planting corn and beans.


Weeks 5 through 7- Planting squash, watermelon, tomatoes, and whatever else we want to plant. I will send videos.


Weeks 8 and 9 I will send videos each week of myself taking care of my garden. I will show you how to make your own natural bug spray and how to apply it as well as picking weeds, grooming plants and keeping them healthy with plenty of water and food.


Weeks 10-13 Once food starts coming in, it is so easy to allow your food to go to waste. It only lasts so long. Show me your gardens and I will show you some of the ways that I use up my vegetables and fruits.


Week 14-16 You will continue caring for their garden. Students will learn how to shuck, blanch and freeze corn and how to use their vegetables or fruits as they would like.

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