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3rd Grade Full Curriculum

This is a 3rd Grade full curriculum class covering concepts in Math, English, Science and more!

  • 1 hour
  • Google Classroom - Link will be emailed.

Service Description

What will be taught?: This class teaches a full year’s curriculum of math, english including; reading, writing, grammar/phonics and spelling; science, including hands-on experiments and social studies including civics for 3rd grade on an ongoing basis. Learners can participate at any time during the year or they can stay the whole year. Topics will rotate throughout the year for review and practice. The class will cover fundamental concepts for 3rd grade and covers a full and in-depth curriculum over the year. If you need financial help please reach out and inquire if we have any scholarship spots available. What topics will the class cover?: Each week, we will have a spelling list and have rotational lessons in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. There will be homework for extra math, english, and spelling practice each week and some activities. Teachers are available to answer any questions and will give feedback on the homework. How is the class structured?: Our lessons are always engaging because education is more than just academics, it is also about the social interactions you have while learning. Our classes include interactive discussions and we use games and other hands-on activities to engage every child in their learning. All of our classes are taught in a 100% inclusive and child-led environment. Our teachers are always inclusive of every child and adapt their teaching style to keep high levels of engagement and progression. Week of August 28th- -Grammar- We will review simply parts of speech -Spelling- Students will have a spelling list this week. -Math- Rounding to the Nearest 10 and 100 -Science- Introduction to the Solar system. -Writing- Students will create descriptive writing. -Economics- Supply and demand Week of September 4th- -Grammar- Sentence structure -Spelling- Students will have a spelling list each week -Math- Addition and Subtraction Within 1000 -Civics- Community responsibilities -Life Science- Animal Adaptations -Reading- Historical Fiction Week of September 11th- -Reading-Poems -Spelling- Students will have a spelling list each week -Math- Multiplying Multiples of 10 -Geography- How to read and understand maps and globes -Writing- Students will write funny paragraphs. -Life Science- Animal Classifications Week of September 18th- -Grammar-parts of speech -Reading- Short story -Spelling- Students will have a spelling list each week -Math- Basic Multiplication 1-6 to mastery -Earth Science- Mercur

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